Some of you still remember it from March 10 to 17, 2017 Springfield Students were in our walls. This year, during the same period, from March 10 to 17, 12 students from this same school came to Haiti accompanied by a Professional Photographer and 2 Instructors including the President of Springfield College. They enjoyed the children’s company from the Had Faith Haiti Mission Orphanage where they painted and embellished the space. At the YMCA, everything was ready to delight their stay: fellowship and social exchanges with our young leaders,

basketball court’s renovation project of the YMCA “Konbit Center”, visit of community school in Gressier, visit of the American Embassy, visit of MUPANAH (National Pantheon Museum), which sparked the curiosity of Mrs. Cooper, President of the College, who learned a lot about our history and so many others.

There were also training sessions, where our young leaders were the beneficiaries. Professionally, students from Springfield College presented three sessions on Advocacy, Public Speaking and Developing a Sense of Purpose. These topics generated excitement and a lot of debate. In return, our youth presented our culture and our famous “soup joumou”. This was a kitchen class where our guests learned how to cook this national meal of ours.


Ref.: Volume 75